endless winter

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Anonym sagte: your fav childhood memory?


Not paying bills


Paintings by Oscar Sancho Nin 

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Bounty Hunters by Brian Rood

Okay tomorrow is my final last oral exam and I am so fucking unprepared but I have absoluty no energy to study and to concentrate on the stuff I am reading. I seriously just hope I can pass it and then I am done studying and finally can start to regain some of the energy I lost during this year, which was seriously one of the most exhausting (mentally and physically) years of my adulthood and at October the 1st the new chapter starts, when I start to work as a true social worker in a living place for deaf teenagers. Time is running so fast these days and so many things changed. Sometimes I feel so overwhelmed, when I look back. 

Times are not easy in these days, but I think I am happy about most of the stuff that happened in the last year.


if you don’t think dogs are important why are you even talking to me

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Female BAMFs Throughout History

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